About Us

About Us

Investing in Our Community

Waste 365 is owned and operated by James Graham. Born and raised in North Louisiana, James also attended school in South Louisiana. Like most guys that marry a southern girl, he followed his wife home to Slidell.

With a focus on local service areas in Louisiana, the team at Waste 365 is devoted to the mission that James has established to work with all of our customers individually to develop long term waste solutions to meet their needs.

"As a longtime resident of Slidell, I am honored to own and operate WASTE 365 as a community-focused business. I’m thrilled to invest in this local company with an eye toward the best customer service and sanitation operations available on the Northshore."

– James Graham, Owner Waste 365

We are always open to hearing from you in person, on the phone or by email.

We are located at 1929 2nd Street, Suite A-2 in Slidell.

Please call us anytime (985) 466-1765 or email us at customerservice@waste365.net.

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Email from Barbara C. Covington, LA

We have had service with you for a few months now, and I just had to tell you how pleased we are. I see the other companies throwing trashcans around, often ending up in the ditch or the middle of the driveway, making it difficult for the homeowner to get in when they return home. We had this experience ourselves with our last provider. Your guys are so great! I saw one (probably a month or two ago), out of his truck, and down in the ditch to get the trash that had gotten out of the people's can. This was up the street from me, and I was really impressed with his work ethic! Anyway, just had to let y'all know that you are doing a great job!

Online from Tbone B Northshore
My service is much better now that GH Waste services is under new management! Great customer service! I highly recommend!
Online from Melanie G. Slidell, LA
I went to their office to sign-up for service on Friday. Customer service was so nice and helpful. I am praying that their garbage pick-up will be just as good.
Online from Aaron W. Slidell
We just recently switched from progressive to GH [Waste 365] and I must say, what a difference it has been. We forgot to put our cans all the way by the street last night and they still came further into our driveway to empty our cans. Keep up the good work guys. I appreciate the extra effort you have put into your services. Thanks.
Miranda A Abita Springs
We had quite a few issues with the company but since it has been under the new owner we have been very pleased. Trash has been picked up on schedule every week and trash cans have been respectfully put back in our driveway rather than thrown in the street or the ditch. My biggest complement is the customer service I have received from Jamie. I have emailed a couple times with questions and have gotten emails back within the hour with friendly and professional responses. There is nothing better than someone making you feel they actually care and want to help you. I feel completely comfortable calling with any questions or concerns I ever have in the future without feeling like a burden. Thank you.